The Year of the Horse

By JOEMUR, January 13, 2014

My newest art project, the hand painted skateboard deck, is packed and headed for Portland’s Artists on Board show!   Reception is Friday, February 7, hosted by Future Shock Store & Gallery.  This skateboard art show features over 80 original art decks! For more information, check out their facebook page –




On Display at 63 Bluxome until 1/31


If you haven’t caught the Krampusmas show at Bluxome, there is still time.  As we prepare to take these great works down or deliver them to their happy owners, we are also preparing for the Glass Eye Photography Show at the 63 Bluxome Gallery.  This JoeMur curated show will have their reception March 1st.



At Peter Thomas until 2/14

At Peter Thomas until 2/14


I mustache you a question –  Did you know my hair related solo show will still be on display at Peter Thomas’ Salon in Berkeley until February 14th?  That’s right, featuring a few of my Hair Show pieces and other related works.




Where have your travels taken you… Featuring work on display at Modern Eden Gallery’s Wanderlust group show. Items available for viewing at


Future shows and events ahead!

*Modern Eden Gallery’s Nostalgia group show, February 2014

*Spoke Art Gallery’s David Lynch themed group show, March 2014

Hope to see you at one of the upcoming events!