Driven By Madness

By JOEMUR, July 20, 2017

Mission Statement: “A project that explores the process and artwork of creative individuals”

What is Driven By Madness? Simply put it’s that feeling in the back of your head that pushes you to try out an idea. The urge to not stop until you get the work just right. This feeling is sometimes called the moment, the lightbulb over your head signifying the birth of brilliance. What’s mad about about it is the way it can envelope you. It takes over your thoughts and keeps you up at night. It is behind every amazing development ever brought into this world. It’s how the pyramids, Airplanes, and the first automobile were built. How someone figured out how to trap pigment in a binder to create paint and then apply it to a surface to create art. It’s mad because in the sense of life’s struggle there really isn’t any point. So why would anyone spend so much of their time on some pursuit that in the grand scheme of things may be meaningless? Cause we are all mad and we love what we do.

The first installment will include work by Visible Damage, Bruce Parker, Billy Daggers, and Vague Parade as well as others!