Human Hats

By JOEMUR, May 18, 2015

Are you a member of the animal kingdom who has been wronged? Caught in a life or death battle with some nasty poachers or big game trophy hunters? Well we have just the thing for you, Human Hats! We have variety of styles and designs. Just take a look at our stunning models and choose your favorite!

These pencil drawings were started because of the many idiotic trophy hunters that kept popping up in the news. I thought to myself after seeing an article, “what if the animals started to hunt and wear people? The first drawing I did didn’t have any one hunter or poacher in mind just and image of myself on top of a Hyena that I found on the internet. After that first drawing though I wanted to portray images from real life scenarios such as the woman who hunted and shot a giraffe, or the NFL player who was convicted of having a dog fighting operation. Unfortunately there seems to be no shortage of material and I will add to the group as idiots pop up in the news. For now enjoy the drawings that have been finished so far.