Old / New

By JOEMUR, November 6, 2016

Recently I’ve been asking myself what kind of art do I really want to do? The question may seem odd after working on various projects over many years. But it’s one that I have struggled with for some time because I like so many styles and genres of art. I have been fortunate to have been included in some fantastic group shows with some amazing galleries, but have always felt that the themes while fun to work on have always made me think and work in ways that are not always true to my personal artistic vision. So when I kept asking myself what do I want to do, I sat down and just started working with no idea or theme involved and wanted to see what would come out. The first piece I did started with no theme but ended up being very personal and felt with some issues that my family had recently went through. The piece seemed to take shape on its own and happened very organically the more I worked on it. After it was done I felt like this must be something because it felt true and stood on its own with little reference from any outside source. I felt like this is a place that I can inhabit for a while, trying to figure out while its being worked on. I am excited to keep working to see where it can go. I hope you take a moment to view each piece and find something in them that confuses, excites, and inspires.

The origins of speciesBranches in his eyes The blossoms see
The prescription