By JOEMUR, September 8, 2012

20120907-170523.jpg Today I’ve been thinking a lot about what it is to be a part of a team. I’m not talking about sports or politics, I’m thinking more in the frame of a family type team. I’ve come to understand after being somewhat solo for a long time; how important it is to be around people who Inspire, encourage, and help you do whatever it is you do. Most people would not think of teamwork in this sense when it comes to art. It is primarily a personal quest that everybody does mostly by themselves to flesh out and explore ideas and concepts through visual, auditory, or tactile representations. I feel fortunate that I have become involved with people who not only are amazing at what they do creatively, but are also very nice, humble, and appreciative people.


Pictured are just a few of the people who help me stay sane and inspire me to keep creating. Nik Burman, Matt136, Miles Ritchie (bizarro Dave Correia), Emonic, Myself (JOEMUR), and Super Ugly. Oh and Way$hak in the back portrayed by one of his paintings.

Some of the other people not pictured that are on my mind as of late include: All the art night posse – Jessica Jenkins, Patrick O’Connel, CB Canga, Ken Davis, Phillip Eggelston, Glenn Hernandez, Matt Petyo. Also – Adam5100, Lucien Shapiro, Double Parlour, the Zero Friends crew- Alex Pardee, Dave Correia, Robert Bowen, Way$hak, Darren Scott, Quake, Brian Kennedy, Skinner, and Ricky Watts.

If I forgot someone or you it’s not because you are not important, it’s more because my brain has failed me again.