What’s your process?

By JOEMUR, April 5, 2013


Jack in the box seemed plain, so I made him droopy and flabby like his food

While I was finishing up one of my most recent paintings “The Addict” I was thinking about the process that the painting took on its way to being completed. Every artist has his/her own way of working, a way that they move from concept to sketch to finished project. For me, my process changes from piece to piece and often in the middle of the work. I often wish that I was one of those artists who think up an idea, create a quick sketch, lay it all out, and work on it till it is finished. My process on the other hand seems to float around a bit, mixing up moments of clarity and haziness. I often work on multiple pieces so that I can set things down when they don’t seem to be working. I layer ink and paint on top of each other until forms and shapes take on a life of their own, and if nothing happens I’ll wipe the slate clean and paint over the entire piece. I have come to grips with my process and have embraced the way my mind “wants” to work instead of imposing rules that only hinder creativity. Sometimes it is good to experiment and go away from your comfort zone, and other times it is great to “go with the flow” and see what happens, surprising sometimes even yourself.